Locksmith Shirley, SO15

Address: Shirley Ave, Shirley, Southampton SO15 5NG   

Working in the vicinity of  Shirley Swimming Pool 

All jobs are 100% guaranteed (Parts & labour), we operate a genuine 24/7 service with fast response vans throughout Southampton and the surrounding area.  No callout charges!

SO Locksmith Shirley Services is an established company that caters for every address in and around Southampton, with services extended to nearby locations which are listed below. Being a mobile locksmith service, we pride ourselves on our punctuality, professionalism and quality labour.

Our vans carry an extensive range of popular locks brands such as Mul-T-Lock and Yale cylinders to mention but a few. All hardware manufactured by these brands is available at affordable prices!  Our locksmith services are available for both residential and commercial. Our staff is knowledgeable, dependable, and professional. All of our work is fully guaranteed and we take pride in our performances.  

If you’re having trouble with your locks, call SO Locksmith Shirley Services immediately. With our no-obligation service that includes emergency lockout assistance, residential lockouts and commercial lockouts, we will get you back on track quickly. Call us now at 07458 149 104

Shirley, a place-name that is commonly interpreted as “bright clearing,” comes from the Old English words scir, which means bright, and leah, which refers to cleared land in a wood. According to the Domesday Book, Shirley was a manor that included a mill located to the west of the present-day Romsey Road/Winchester Road junction, where the Hollybrook and Tanner’s Brook streams converge. Shirley Mill featured three large ponds, with one of the mill ponds still accessible today by following the Lordswood Greenway.

In 1228, Nicholas de Sirlie, the lord of Shirley, relinquished rights to Southampton Common in exchange for a small payment, and in return, the Burgesses of Southampton had no common rights over the land that would later become Shirley Common. During the 19th century, an ironworks was constructed on the land, which was later transformed into a brewery in 1880, and eventually into a laundry facility in the early 20th century. The Royal Mail owned the laundry, which served the mail ships that docked at Southampton.