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All jobs are 100% guaranteed (Parts & labour), we operate a genuine 24/7 service with fast response vans throughout Southampton and the surrounding area.  No callout charges!

SO Locksmith Winchester Services is an established company that caters for every address in and around Southampton, with services extended to nearby locations which are listed below. Being a mobile locksmith service, we pride ourselves on our punctuality, professionalism and quality labour.

Our vans carry an extensive range of popular locks brands such as Mul-T-Lock and Yale cylinders to mention but a few. All hardware manufactured by these brands is available at affordable prices!  Our locksmith services are available for both residential and commercial. Our staff is knowledgeable, dependable, and professional. All of our work is fully guaranteed and we take pride in our performances.  

If you’re having trouble with your locks, call SO Locksmith Winchester Services immediately. Our no-obligation service includes emergency lockout assistance, residential lockouts, and commercial lockouts, and we will get you back on track quickly. Call us now at 07458 149 104

The Winchester area has been inhabited since prehistoric times, with evidence of three Iron Age hillforts, Oram’s Arbour, St. Catherine’s Hill, and Worthy Down, located nearby. During the Late Iron Age, a more urban settlement, known as an oppidum, emerged, although the details of this phase remain unclear.

The settlement became an important center for the British Belgae tribe, although it is uncertain how they came to control the initial settlement. According to Caesar’s account, the tribe had initially arrived as raiders across the channel, probably in the 1st century BCE, before eventually establishing themselves in the area. However, recent scientific studies have challenged the Roman account of continental invaders, favoring instead the idea that the Belgae’s arrival was a gradual change brought about by increased trade links rather than migration.

To the Celtic Britons, the settlement was likely known as Wentā or Venta, derived from a common Celtic word meaning “tribal town” or “meeting place.” Some have suggested an etymology connected to the Celtic word for “white” (Modern Welsh gwyn), due to Winchester’s location upon chalk. The Latinized versions of this name, together with that of the tribe, gave the town its Roman name of Venta Belgarum.